The Anti-Corruption Prosecutors and the investigation officers from CNA detained yesterday 18 people from the judicial system, among who are 15 magistrates, in 16 files started on complicity at money laundering in large proportions. The state accusers are saying that these dossiers were begun only now, because right now other persons, detained in the files referring to those 20 milliards of dollars laundering, started to talk, and the "puzzles" of the infringement of the law are becoming clearer. It is about the documents, phone calls, statements of complicity, and also the answers that came from the rogatory commissions from several states.

"After the arrest of the pretended businessman and his extradition (it is about Veaceslav Platon - Eds), people started to talk. They understand that we do are not joking and we are going to finish this case", specified Morari, avoiding to pronounce Platon's name or any other arrested persons. 

As for those four judicial executors aimed by the penal investigation, Morari states that they will have to explain why they did not collected the fees in the laundering cases, because this is the reason the state budget missed an income of 962 millions MDL, which the  judicial executors should have paid to the Government.  

"It is about over 20 billions dollars, which were received after some counterfeited documents by the executors. The cases are a part of a pile of penal cases launched on the scheme of money laundering through Moldova since 2014. In the scheme are involved Ukrainians and our citizens. The scheme took place through multiple off-shore companies and Russian companies. For now we do not have information about money location", stated the Chief of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, Viorel Morari. 

The criminal prosecution regarding those 16 actual and ex-judges arrested yesterday by the prosecutors and anti-corruption officers started last week based on an ordinance issued by the temporary Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen. According to Viorel Morari, the suspects may get from 5 to 10 years of jail. All the arrested judges and executors have the status of suspect and are arrested for 72 hours, after that the decision if they will be imprisoned before trial.

"The undertaken actions against the judges, I want to mention that were done with the approval of the Superior Council of Magistracy. The Prosecutor General addressed a notice on this matter to the Superior Council of Magistracy and they authorized some of the addressed notices from the prosecutor general," declared Morari. 

The Chief of the Criminal Prosecution Department of the CNA, Bogdan Zubreanu, stated yesterday that 51 searches were made in the offices, houses and cars of multiple judges and former judges. 

"The operation started at 10:00 o'clock, after the Superior Council of Magistracy has given the order, as a result of the searches in the offices of the suspects. Afterwards, to CNA were brought 15 judges and three judicial executors, who were detained for 72 hours. The operation developed without any accidents and the intervention of the special troops was not necessary. All the materials that were confiscated at the spot, documents and digital supports, were submitted to the Criminal Prosecution organ and we will examine them", explained Zumbreanu.

We remind you that 15 judges and three judicial executors were arrested yesterday after an extended searches made by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutors and CNA officers. The inspections took place aiming corruption facts.  

Earlier, based on the same fraud case, an ex-governor of BNM (Ema Tabarta), and two Department Chiefs from the National Bank of Moldova. At the same time, a Vice-president of "Moldincombank", the chief accountant and deputy chief accountant, also the chief of the bank branch were placed in custody. 

We are publishing below the scheme which was the base of the laundering of those over 20 billions: