The Anti-Corruption Prosecutors along with the CNA officers made today domiciliary visits at the working places and homes of 20 representatives of the judiciary system, in a dossier opened on corruption acts. During a press conference, the Chief of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, Viorel Morari declared that until this hour were detained 18 persons: 15 judges and three judicial executors. One of them - Igor Vornicescu - was detained exactly on the Chisinau International Airport, where he was trying to flee abroad.

Another one - Victor Orandas - appears in the dossier, but his detention was not possible because he was not in the country. Most likely, on his name will be issued an order to get him in the international wanted list 

The public relations officer of CNA, Angela Starinschi stated that all that 18 detained persons are in the CNA isolator.

According to the judiciary sources of the Deschide.MD editorial office, the other 14 handcuffed judges are:

Stefan Nita - judge at the Court of Appeal

Garri Bivol - judge at the Law Court of the "Centru" district 

Iurie Turcan - former magistrate at the law court of Rascani

Liliana Andrias - Centru Law Court

Iurie Harbu – Telenesti Law Court

Serghei Popovici – president  of the Comrat Law Court

Gheorghe Barnaz – magistrate from the Rascani Law Court 

Valeriu Gasca – judge at the Rascani Law Court 

Serghei Gubenсo - Comrat Law Court

Serghei Lebediuc - Military Law Court

Mihai Moraru - Ungheni Law Court

Aurica Us - former magistrate from the Rascani Law Court

Gheorghe Marchitan - magistrate at the Causeni Law Court

Gheorghe Gorun - former judge from the Rascani Law Court of the capital

It seems that they are present in a case started in connection with the laundering of that 20 billion dollars of the Russian Federation. They appear also in the journalistic investigations done on this subject by and 

Some of them have resigned in the meantime, while others got a promotion. It is certain that all concerned in the file, who were found until today in the public office were suspended.