The National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) decided today to raise the price for thermal energy with 81 lei, and it will cost 1068 lei per Gcal. The decision was made after JSC "Termoelectrica" requested the raise of the price for the production of the thermal energy delivered to the consumers with 27,4 %, up to 1257,38 lei per Gcal.

The new tariffs for the thermal energy will be valid from October 1st 2016. Termoelectrica motivated this significant rise request of the costs for production and delivery of the thermal and electrical energy since the last adjustment in 2011. 

After analyzing the requested prices and the presented afferent materials by JSC "Termoelectrica", ANRE accepted to increase only the costs that correspond to the Methodology of the determination, approval and application of the tariffs for the delivered thermal energy to the consumers, approved by the decision of the Administration Council No. 482 from 6.09. 2012. In this exercise, ANRE guided itself by the principle of covering the needed minimum of expenditures and justified by the good carrying out of the established activities of JSC "Termoelectrica", with the efficient use of the production capacities. 

In this way, ANRE observed the existence of some objective factors that lead to the increasing the tariffs for delivery of the thermal energy to the consumers in the established period 2011-2015: 

- the modification of the final prices for the natural gas channeled by CET, the central power station for production and supply of thermal energy to the urban consumers through centralized supply system;

- the increase in price of the material consumption and exploitation and repairs expenses as a result of the national currency devaluation;

- The increasing of the consumption afferent to the work remuneration in the result of the guaranteed minimum quantum of the salary in the real sector of economy.   

At the same time, ANRE decreased the next components of the tariff that lead to the diminish of it comparing with the requested price: the lost in the thermal energy network, the established capital cost, operational costs and established profit. The adjustment argumentation operated by ANRE in the estimation of the requested tariffs and final costs were presented by ANRE experts during the public meeting of the Administration Council. The costs may by found also on the Informative Note regarding the delivering costs of the thermal energy to the consumers by JSC "Termoelectrica" in 2016, published on the official ANRE website. 

The costs for delivery of the thermal energy approved by ANRE is the same for all the categories of consumers. The new tariff will be available from the day of publishing the decision in the Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova.

The last adjustment of the prices for thermal energy by JSC "Termocom" was aproved on Octomber 21th 2011. Then the prices were raised with 9,9% or with 89 lei, from 821 lei per Gcal to 987 lei per Gcal.