The General Prosecution's Office does not want to be involved in political confrontations and electoral debates, is said in a press release published by the institution earlier today.

Considering the fact that the General Prosecution's Office is assaulted by complains from the electoral candidates, solving of which is not in the competence of the prosecutors, stated the General Prosecution's Office, in a press release, that is setting the boundaries from any attempt to involve the institution in political confrontations and electoral debates.           Având în vedere faptul că este asaltată de plângeri parvenite din partea concurenţilor electorali, soluţionarea cărora nu intră în competenţa procurorilor, Procuratura Generală a declarat, într-un comunicat de presă, că se delimitează de orice încercare de a atrage instituţia în confruntări de natură politică şi dispute electorale. 

Within this context, the Prosecution's Office - which is an independent and apolitical organ - is launching a call to all the electoral candidates and political parties, to inform themselves as accurate as possible about the functional attributions and principles of the institution, so they would restrain themselves to involve the institution in political confrontations and electoral debates. In the case, in which there were after all, violated some laws, that would be the object of investigation in penal sense, we ask electoral actors to inform the law organs in the established way for competent examination of them.          

In this sense, we confirm that no matter of the political calendar in the country, the prosecutors will continue to manifest balance and professionalism in their activities, having as a single aim the respect of law, making justice, defending the rights and legitimate liberties of the citizen and society.     

Deschide.MD reminds that on September 4th, Maia Sandu, the nominee from the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) stated that she will inform the General Prosecution's Office on the case of collecting within 24 hours of the necessary amount of signatures for the Democrat Party (PD) candidate Marian Lupu.         

A few days ago, Sergiu Sarbu, member of the Democrat Party, mentioned in a post on his Facebook account that will inform CEC, the Prosecution's Office and other organs on the matter of serious "violations" admitted by the representatives of the "Dignity and Truth Platform" Party in the process of gathering the signatures for submission of its candidate for Presidential elections.