The Romanian Government decided to continue financing the construction and renovation of the Moldovan kindergartens. This was discussed last night at an event organised by the Romanian Embassy, where the results of the implementation of the Financial and Technical Assistance Program offered by the Romanian Government for the construction and renovation of the preschool institutions from our country, were summed up. During this Program, 832 kindergartens from all the districts of the Republic of Moldova were repaired.

The Prime-Minister Pavel Filip mentioned that the financial assistance offered by Romania is very important for our country and offered the opportunity for thousands of children to learn in up-to-date conditions, and for other thousands employees to work in better work conditions. At the same time, Pavel Filip highly appreciated the decision of the Romanian Government to continue the project in the year of 2016, offering additional three billion euros, as a grant, for the reparation of another 85 kindergartens from Moldova. 

"The relations between the states are often considered abstract, but in this case, we have the example of some projects that were realized in very important fields for society. The offered assistance, proves us one more time that Romania was and remains the most consequent supporter of Moldova", noted the Prime-Minister, Pavel Filip.   

At the same time the Prime-Minister spoke about the importance of the development of the educational system and offering to the young generation the opportunity to develop their professional skills, that is a priority for the Moldovan Government, which will continue to invest in this sector. "The children are our future, but for them it must become present, not future. Let's build together the future of our children", concluded Pavel Filip.

In turn, the Romanian Ambassador in Chisinau, Daniel Ionita, highlighted that Romania was always with the Republic of Moldova, offered support in education, as well as in other fields where the support was requested. At the same time, the Romanian diplomat said that the good results obtained during the Program, convinced the Romanian Government to continue financing the Program. 

"This Program does not mean only numbers, it meas first of all people. It is not important the value of 23 billion euros, it is not important even the fact that 832 preschool institutions were repaired. What is important is education, important is that every second  kindergarten from Moldova benefited from this Program, important are those over 200 thousand of beneficiaries of this Program, children that are going to European standards kindergartens, parents that can work, knowing that their children are safe, employees and teaching staff that are going to work", emphasized Daniel Ionita. 

From the money offered by the Romanian Government, until today were renovated 832 kindergartens. Depending on the problems, in the institutions were repaired rooftops, installed heating systems, and built playgrounds.

"We have almost 240 kindergartens that were thermally insulated that leads to savings in the local and national budget", stated the CEO of the Moldovan Social Investment Fund, Mircea Esanu.

The Financial and Technical Assistance Program offered by the Romanian Government for the construction and renovation of the preschool institutions from the Republic of Moldova was launched in 2014 and is implemented by the Moldovan Social Investment Fund. During two years, were assigned 23 billion euros for the renovation and furnishing 832 kindergartens from all the districts of the country.