The drivers are strongly advised to avoid parking their cars by the roadside and at entrances to yards of apparent buildings so as not to bar the access of snowplows. During the last few days, the Chisinau municipal services have cleaned snow from the streets and yards and spread antiskid material round-the-clock.

In the meeting of officials at the City Hall, Stefan Racu, vice director of the road maintenance company “Exdrupo”, said the snow removal works started last Friday in the morning and continued uninterruptedly. Dozens of vehicles spread about 1,200 tonnes of mixed sand and salt and almost 600 tonnes of salt in the period. Today the road workers clean the areas that haven’t been yet covered, including because of the cars parked illegally.

Public Amenities Division head, Petru Gontea stated that during the last two days the workers also cleaned the access roads to yards with the help of Hako machines. There were used about 100 tonnes of sand and salt. The snow removal works go on.

Deputy head of the Chisinau Police Division Silviu Musuc said over 100 road accidents occurred in the municipality of Chisinau between last Friday and Sunday inclusive. These were mainly minor ones.

According to officials of emergencies services, the rescuers in Chisinau municipality had less work than in other districts of the country. These towed away only eight cars that got stuck or skidded off the road.

Source: IPN