The businessman Veaceslav Platon asked prosecutors to be heard aside the case he is judicially inquired and in other cases that he can testify. Platon submitted a request on the name of the prosecutor Andrei Baiesu, through his lawyer, Ana Ursachi, who thought on this occasion that men of the law should consider the statements of her client.

 "For 12 days, since he is in the 13th Penitentiary, Veaceslav Platon was not heard by any prosecutor", mentioned in this context Ursachi. 

The Attorney claims that "Platon is not remanded for his involvement in the billion theft, but for a transaction when Plahotniuc sold shares from «Victoriabank»”, a 80 billion dollars transaction, "although, the prosecutors found only 49 billion dollars".

According to the lawyer, his client states that the final beneficiary of the bank thefts would be Vladimir Plahotniuc. 

During the same press conference, the Russian advocate Ilia Novikov mentioned that, while the Platon's extradition can not be cancelled, the court from the Republic of Moldova can consider the fact that his client was extradited illegally.

Novikov also said that he was transported from Ukraine to Moldova with a private jet, with 12 seats, and his extradition was extraordinary fast, that is fueling suspicion that there were made some deals at the structural level between Moldovan and Ukrainian sides. At the same time,  the lawyer does not subscribe to the allegations appeared on the public space, according to which there was a direct agreement between Vladimir Plahotniuc and the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko. 

At the same press conference, Novikov mentioned that, after Shor's testimonies against Platon, the Mayor from Orhei was transferred in house arrest. The attorney does not exclude therefore that there was an agreement between prosecutors and Ilan Shor regarding his testimonies and his transfer from the solitary to house arrest.

The advocate also said that at the moment he is seeking for support from the EU Diplomacy, US Diplomacy and Russian Federation Diplomacy, because he has a Russian citizenship: "An official of the Russian Embassy can visit him in the solitary, because Platon is also a Russian citizen"

"Only the simple presence of a diplomat in the court room would make judges to do the right thing", mentioned Novicov.

We remind you that Platon was wanted internationally on July 25th, on his name was issued an arrest warrant for 30 days. Exactly in the same day, "the Nr.1 Raider from CIS" was arrested in Kiev by Ukrainian Authorities. Afterwards, the Ukrainian court issued an arrest warrant for 40 days on his name, time used for his extradition procedure. 

The arrest warrant was issued by Authorities from Chisinau, after the prosecutors searched and have raised documents from different banks, at some offices, as well as at the houses of some individuals, inclusively after Shor's self-denouncement, who specified that he gave to Platon credits from BEM, that have not been paid back. The measures were taken during an extended inquiry file regarding the banking fraud. According to the men of the law, this case has connections to another case regarding laundering of 20 billion dollars through a Moldovan bank.