PMP leader Traian Basescu said on Thursday in Parliament, that from this moment, he is looking for the best lawyer in Moldova to sue President Igor Dodon, who strip him of Moldovan citizenship.

"I am looking for the best lawyer in Moldova. I have six months. The decree takes effect after six months and I am looking for a lawyer to sue Dodon," said Traian Basescu.

--------------President of Moldova Igor Dodon on Tuesday signed the decree which withdrew Traian Basescu's Moldovan citizenship. Dodon made the announcement on his Facebook page, adding that Tuesday's meeting of the Commission for citizenship issues and political asylum attached to the Presidency, which examined the legal conditiond for granting citizenship to Traian Basescu.

Former Romanian president responded by saying that Igor Dodon's decision is political and said that he would consult with his lawyers to decide what to do next.