The former deputy First Prosecutor, Andrei Pantea, admitted his interference in the Caramalac case also in its transfer to the Russian Federation. His statements were made during the last two meetings, including the one held today and which ended not long ago. The information was confirmed for Deschide.MD by the prosecutor who manages the case, Vitalie Galeru. Therefore, the prosecution changed the charges filed against Pantea, which is provided by an article that falls under the law on amnesty. However the prosecutor asks the court to deprive Pantea of the right to take public functions for a term of three years.

The prosecutor told us that Andrei Pantea, admitted that he instructed his subordinates to resume unjustified the prosecution against Caramalac on two cases. The two cases have been distributed to the prosecutor Artur Sircu, and on May 8 were joined into one case. Afterwards, Pantea has exercised the mixture in the criminal proceedings, asking Sircu to transfer the file to the Russian Federation.

In May 2013, Sircu has compiled two informative notes on the name of Pantea, through which he proposed the transfer of the file in the RF, contrary to regulations on the organization of international legal assistance. On July 15, the legal aid department of the GP says that the transfer procedure does not meet all the conditions. However, Sircu, instructed by Pantea, without eliminating the loopholes, dispose only after three days the initiation of the transfer. On July 25, Pantea, sign the transfer decision.

Subsequently, in order to conceal his actions, Pantea, gave indication to another prosecutor - Iurie Ghervas - to establish an information note indicating that the transfer of the Caramalac file complied with all legal requirements.

In the prosecutor's opinion, the actions of Pantea have caused substantial damage, to the general interest of society, in particular has been restricted the access and the purpose of justice, and this fact has damaged the reputation of the Prosecution Office, leaving a negative print for the credibility of this public authority.

The prosecutor ordered the modification of charges from "transgressions of service duties", in the offense provided by the Article 303 paragraph 3 which refers to "the interference in the justice and in criminal proceedings."

We tried to talk with Andrei Pantea, but he promised us statements only after the sentence.

We remind that the former deputy First Prosecutor, Andrei Pantea, who also was the Acting Prosecutor General of Moldova, was detained on October 11 by the anti-corruption prosecutors, in an open case to transgressions of service duties in the Caramalac case.

The Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office has announced that the grounds for the detention of former First Deputy Prosecutor General, Andrei Pantea, have served evidence collected in this case, inclusively the statements of several witnesses, according to which results the receiving of indications on the transfer of criminal proceedings concerning Caramalac, as well as the identification of the documents relating to the Caramalac case, in a search result, at the arrested person residence.

We will also remind you that in late June, in an investigation of Deschide.MD, we announced that Andrei Pantea would have aided those from the investigation committee of the Russian Federation to close the case of the thief in the law Gregory Caramalac, aka "Bulgaru" . The prosecution has been discontinued in December 2015 - after a year and a half away from the transfer of his case to the Moscow, proceedings conducted under the signature of Andrei Pantea. According to our sources, his decision is based would have been certain pecuniary interests, and the former prosecutor Ivan Diacov told us then, according to some rumors, that Pantea would have taken a bribe of about a million dollars.