Given the forecast snowstorms, the motorists are recommended to equip the motor vehicles with anti-skid chains, a shovel and a sack of sand. Before setting out, the drivers are urged to fuel up the car and to also take a blanket and hot drinks in a thermos with them, IPN reports.

The National Patrolling Inspectorate recommends the drivers to check the state of the heating installation, the antifreeze, windscreen wipers, water jet and the brake. If the vehicle stars to skid, braking should be avoided. The movement of the car should be corrected by turning the steering wheel and reducing speed. In settlements, on bridges, on poorly lit roads or at stoplights, the surface is usually more slippery. It is thus recommended avoiding braking suddenly and travelling at reduced speed, even if it may seem that the road is in a good state.

When there are high winds, the vehicles should not be parked under trees or near buildings so as to avoid damage.

The State Road Administration calls on the motorists who experience an unpleasant situation to call (022) 74-89-61, which works throughout winter. The drivers can also call the emergency number 901.

Source: IPN