Starting with January 1, 2017, the owners of motor vehicles registered outside Moldova and in the Transnistrian region during three months will be able to place these under import customs regime by paying 30% of the excise duty set for 2016.

According to the Customs Service, the owners of vehicles registered abroad should present the certificate showing that the vignette was paid, while the owners of cars registered in Transnistria should provide all the documents based on which the car was imported into Moldova in the original. The list of customs posts that will register the vehicles is available on the Customs Service’s website.

As of April 1, 2017 the vehicles with Transnistrian license numbers will be banned from using public roads if the drivers have Moldovan driver’s licenses and live on the right bank of the Dniester.

Also, the motor vehicles introduced in the country by private individuals who live abroad and have a driver’s license issued by the county where they live can stay in Moldova for 180 days during 12 consecutive months.  Since 2017, the vignette for seven days costs €4 euro, while for 15 days – €8, as in 2016. For 30 days, it costs €16, by €2 more than last year, for 90 days – €45, up €15, while for 180 days - €85, up €35. If the period of 180 days is passed, the drivers will pay a vignette of €180 for each next 180 days of stay in Moldova.

Source: IPN