The teachers intend to protest for four days in the second half of January for the reason that the Government refuses to increase their salaries by 50%. Contacted by IPN, head of the General Council of the Education and Science Trade Union Federation Dumitru Ivanov said the protests will be mounted in front of the Government Building and Parliament Building on January 17-20.

“We officially requested the Government to increase our salaries as well. The doctors and other categories of employees get higher pays, but were are neglected. They responded that they do not have possibilities and will examine the request in the course of the year. But we do not have time and thus will stage protests,” stated Dumitru Ivanov.

According to him, the protests on each of the four days will involve about 400 teachers from a number of settlements of the country.

Trade unionists said the salary of teachers was last time modified in 2014, but is below the minimum subsistence level. There is also a discrepancy between the teachers’ pay and the average official salary.

Souece: IPN