A new recreational TV channel will start wok in Moldova. Exclusiv TV will be broadcast by Exclusiv Media SRL, which was issued with a license by the Broadcasting Coordination Council for a six-year period, IPN reports.

Exclusiv TV will retransmit the Russian TV channel TNT, but will also have own programs (35% of the broadcast schedule): “Sanitarians of nation” (morning educative program); “Unrecognized Moldova” (cultural-educational program about the country); “Monden” (information about showbiz); “IT Moldova” (information about modern technology); “Start UP” (reports about national personalities). The persons aged between 14 and 44 are the target public.

Seven members of the Broadcasting Coordination Council voted in favor of issuing the license, while two voted against. Those who voted in favor asked to consider the possibility of also producing programs for viewers younger than 14 and for those older than 44.

We note that Exclusiv Media SRL was founded by the Socialist MP Corneliu Furculita. The Company also owns the NTV Moldova tv channel.