Usatai Renato was paying monthly subscriptions to some TV channels, to appear in a favorable position. At least that is clear from the discussion between Usatai and Ana Ursachi, on December 23, 2014. The registration might have been made by the lawyer Ursachi and published on YouTube.

Usatai told about the meeting with the top managers from Jurnal TV, the Gatu brothers, who have shown interest to collaborate. The Gatu brothers said they had a plan, which actually costs 70 thousand euros, but given the fact that they are interested in Usai, they have proposed him the amount of 40 thousand euros (At the 4th minute).

Usatai mentioned that "he pays subscriptions" (presumably, he paying monthly) to ProTV (about 8000 euros) and RTR (3200 euro), thus he refused the offer of Jurnal Trust Media.

---------------At the beginning of the discussion, the two also talk about how the ISS is intercepting the telephone conversations and those via Skype. At some point the lawyer says that she does not want to speak, because they were listened.

Ana Ursachi was intercepting her defended customers in an intercept folder! On the video footage broadcasted on the website, she talks with Colonel Alexandru Popescu, former chief of the economic security of ISS. The information was offered to us by familiar sources that were involved in the lawyer's case, then it was confirmed to us by Alexandru Popescu himself.

-----------------------We remind you that on November 22 the law enforcement officers conducted searches at lawyer's residence. The press wrote then that among the evidence raised by law enforcement officers are video and audio recordings with judges, prosecutors, politicians and many others, all made with special equipment, which was given by Anatol Stepuleac, ex-employee of MAI who is the lover of the lawyer searched by the police and prosecution for murder.

Police have learned that Hannah's father was going to fly in a morning at at 4:00 am in Minsk, through Odessa, where he would give her all the materials collected by her over several years.