Parlamentul a votat astăzi în prima lectură crearea Agenţiei Recuperare Bunurilor Infracţionale (ARBI). Documentul a fost susținut cu majoritatea voturilor.

The Democrat MP, Sergiu Sirbu, one of the authors of the initiative, said that it is proposed the establishment of an autonomous subdivision within the National Anticorruption Center. According to him, the aim of the initiative is to develop the skills and tools needed for recovery of property crimes, especially those of corruption and money laundering.

"We hope that this mechanism will streamline the fight against corruption, but also the recovery of criminal assets, obtained through crime" said the Democrat.

The Socialist opposition Liberal Democratic asked about the purpose of this project considering that specified tasks are CNA's and bailiffs work.

In this context, the deputy director CNA, Cristina Tarna, explained that a bailiff can not pursue criminal assets, especially if they are transferred out of the country. The international practice foresees the creation of such an entity that has specialized investigators to check how they were these goods processed and recovered, by collaborating with foreign colleagues.

The ARBI will have 3% of the value of goods or the recovered assets.