A tricolor that will be 1 kilometer long will be spread from the monument to Ruler Stephan the Great in Chisinau on December 1 on the occasion of the National Day of Romania. The event, organized by the association “Honor, Dignity and Homeland” (ODIP), will be held to mark the 98th anniversary of the Great Union of 1918.

ODIP head Vlad Biletski, in a news conference, said that for the first time in Moldova’s history, they will stretch such a long tricolor on which they have worked for almost three months. The longest tricolor spread so far was 300 meters long. People of different political orientations are invited to come with a tricolor and join the unionists on December 1, 13:00, at the monument to Ruler Stephan the Great. Those who do not have a tricolor will receive one free. 

The tricolor flag was sewn in two months and was brought from Romania. After the event, the huge tricolor will be cut into prices of 10 meters each and will be donated to national schools and lyceums so that each of the education institutions hoists the historical tricolor on April 27, when it is celebrated the National Flag Day.

At the same time, representatives of several union organizations have expressed solidarity with the event and urged people not to be indifferent and to come on December 1 in the center of Chisinau. Nicolae Dabija, chairman of the Movement "Sfatul Tarii 2" noted that the Movement makes common cause with ODIP and called upon all those who feel Romanians to come to the Great National Assembly Square on December 1 to show that Igor Dodon cannot stop the union.

The Movement’s first deputy chairman Constantin Codreanu declared: "I invite you to the central square of Chisinau on December 1 to tell Igor Dodon that he is not our President and he will not be able to stop the reunification process."

"Sfatul Tarii 2" deputy chairman Anatolie Caraman, who heads the Association of War Veterans "Tiras-Tighina", called upon the veterans to join in on December 1, saying it is an event to commemorate those who sacrificed themselves for the reunification.

The event will be organized by the Association "Honor, Dignity and Homeland", which is an apolitical, non-profit organization that aims to educate a generation of active youngsters, by promoting national values and Romanian culture.