The General Police Inspectorate made public video images of the arrest of Vitalie Burlacu, alias Vitas. From the pictures it is seen that his hand is in a plaster cast and is accompanied by the DOS officers.

We tried to find the reason why Burlacu was taken to the Emergency and came out with his hand in a plaster cast, and if he resisted at the moment of his arrest, but the representatives of the Press Service of the IGP have told us that currently they will not comment on the video images.

We remind you that the IGP investigation officers detained Vitalie Burlacu, "aka" - The Karate man - the main figurehead in the dossier on corruption of MP's. The information was confirmed for Deschide.MD portal by reliable sources within the institution. Burlacu is one of the close men of the businessman Veacelsav Plato, as confirmed by businessman himself - nicknamed "The No.1 Raider" in the CIS.

The main accused in the corruption case of MPs, Vitalie Burlacu, was wanted in April, currently being issued an arrest warrant of 30 days on his name. A few months later, the court sentenced him to 11 years and 4 months of imprisonment, the sentence being delivered in his absence.

His friend, who figures in the same case - Irina Baglai - was sentenced to three years of imprisonment with suspension for a period of two years.

Vitalie Burlacu still has to pay a fine of 160 thousand MDL. However, the prosecutors demanded the confiscation of the money found during prosecution. It is about approximately 550 thousand euros and about 400,000 dollars.

In the MPs corruption file, initiated in 2014, are targeted the former police officer Vitalie Burlacu and the model Irina Baglai. Firstly, the two have been arrested after they were investigated at large. They are suspected of trying to offer to an MP 250 thousand dollars to convince him to leave the fraction to which he belongs.