The firefighter who was taken out by the DSE climbers, died. He is an DSE employee from the the Republican Center of Operational Services who died on duty. He was 28 years old. He served for a long time on the duty.

The DSE press officer, Liliana Puscasu, told the press that the firefighter who was evacuated from the building this morning was engulfed in flames, died. He has been for more than 40 minutes on the fourth floor of the building. The same source added that another firefighter who tried to save his colleague was also transported to the hospital.

"The firefighter who died is 28 years old. He served for a long period in the rescue and fire service. He is a real hero who unfortunately died on duty. Everything possible has been done to save this person, inclusively the physicians have made every effort in the ambulance, and also the fellow rescuers and firefighters who changed the tubes with oxygen, but unfortunately they failed to save him," said Puscasu who added that is not known yet how many people are still in the building.

We remind you that a devastating fire broke out this morning in the capital, on 9, Uzinelor street. Immediately, on the spot were directed 14 firefighters trucks and two trucks because the flames broke out on the fourth floor of a building. Subsequently, they brought four more trucks.

The call about the fire came at the fire service at 9:58 a.m.. Once they arrive, the firefighters found that the flames broke out at a warehouse where there were flammable materials. The same source also informed us that the fire can be qualified as one of level III, after the extent of the flames, and that the firefighters use every means supplied to stop the fire.