(UPDATE 15:45) Head of Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, Viorel Morari declared for Deschide.MD that by this time 28 police officers were detained, but the operation is ongoing.

(UPDATE 15:15) Temporary Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen told Deschide.MD that details on this operation will be provided in a press briefing at 17:00. According to him, by now 24 policemen were detained, but the operation is ongoing.

Dozens of employees of the National Inspectorate Patrol were detained a few minutes ago by the anticorruption prosecutors. It all happened during a working meeting with the entire staff, an event held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI).

A few minutes ago there was a large operation of Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office and the Inspection Directorate Effective of the IGP, during which were detained dozens of policemen from the National Inspectorate Patrol (Traffic Police). Our sources could not specify the exact number of detainees because everything happened in an unexpected way, during a meeting of the organization held at the MAI, where the country membership was present.

According to the sources, the policemen concerned were read from a list, and as soon as they stood up they were detained by the anti-corruption prosecutors in front of their colleagues. The operation is based on several flagrant actions, which were held in the last few days in which undercover agents have filmed the police officers while taking bribes in order not to impose fines for various infringements of road legislation, including consumption of alcoholic drinks while driving.

At the meeting where took place the detentions, was also held the awarding of other policemen, who did not fall for the temptation and have done their duty properly.