Three more people were detained in Gorbuntsov file. The information was confirmed for Deschide.MD by the case prosecutor, Vitalie Busuioc.

The state accuser told us that after searches conducted today were taken as evidence two cars, mobile phones, documents and other electronic devices - carrying information. Busuioc did not want to tell us where searches were unfolded and who the detainees are, but said that each of them had some degree of involvement in the case and will be investigated to establish everybody's participation.

From sources close to the investigation, we managed to find out that those arrested would be his wife, brother-in-law and a friend of the killer Vitalie Proca.

Previously, the prosecutors announced the detention of two people involved in the Gorbuntsov file. A 44 years old businessman and Valeriu Malarciuc, a 33 year old unemployed person with a criminal antecedents.

They admit their guilt and cooperate with the investigation.

One of them went to Romania, where he met with Vitalie Proca, convicted for an assassination attempt in another case.