The prosecutors announced that they detained two people who tried to "buy" from killer Vitalie Proca, false testimonies in the case on assassination attempt of banker German Gorbuntsov. Prosecutors declined to give the name of the one who ordered the false testimonies, but in the public space is known that is Renato Usatîi. Investigators say the two people detained, cooperate with the investigation and have already admitted guilt.

One of those detained went to Bucharest, where is detained Vitalie Proca, met with killer and gave him a tape recorder for the latter to record his false testimony. Later the "messenger" returned to Moldova, from where he went to Moscow to meet with the final beneficiary (Renato Usatîi - Eds.).

The testimony was supposed to be purchased from Proca in exchange of a sum of 600 thousand dollars. A first tranche of 100 thousand was granted to one of the two detained who has bought more goods including a car, and the second part of the money was given to Proca's wife. The latter has also bought a luxury car.

Prosecutors say they have all the documents confirming this and more phone records that lead to the final beneficiary.

The police say that the final beneficiary (Renato Usatîi - Eds.) will certainly have a procedural status in this file. This, however, is going to be determined later by those managing the investigation.

We remind you that in spring of 2012, German Gorbuntsov was shot 7 times as he entered his flat in London. It was later determined that the culprit was Vitalie Proca - a killer, later convicted for another crime committed at command in Bucharest. Later, Gorbuntsov offered a first interview on this subject in which he said that his death was ordered by Renato Usatîi - who does what the other two businessmen from Russia tell him, former friends and business colleagues of Gorbuntsov. The last two, in turn, are under the protection of Russian Railways chief - a man close to Vladimir Putin.

After the revelations and accusations of Gorbunţov, Usatîi wrote a denunciation to the Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office by saying that in fact he had been the target of an assassination. Based on his denunciation was started a criminal dossier, and previous days, the deputy chief of the Prosecutor’s Office for the Combating of Organized Crime and Special Causes, Corneliu Bratunov, declared that "the only file in the investigation where appears Renato Usatîi is the one initiated by him, on other people initiated a long time ago where several stages of the investigation passed and the new elements are some details that incriminate inclusively the author of the testimony."

As well we remind that Deschide.MD wrote two days ago about the detention of one of the persons that the prosecutors referred to. It is about Valeriu Malarciuc, who, in exchange of a huge amount of money, had to obtain from Proca a testimony through which the latter denies the fact that Usatai hired him to kill the businessman German Gorbuntsov and also accuses other persons. About the "mission" of Malarciuc, also Gorbuntsov said in the interview given the previous days to the blogger Veaceslav Balacci.