Renato Usatii accuses the investigative bodies of Moldova of plotting with German Gorbuntsov and of the fact that the prosecutors and MAI officers did not detain recently the banker when he was on the territory of Moldovan Embassy in London. The leader of "Our Party" is sure of the charges that he brings, although it is well known that Gorbuntsov turned himself in to British authorities in 2014, and therefore he is no longer internationally wanted.

The Mayor of Balti says that instead of exercising his duties towards the law and to arrest the offender on the territory of the embassy, according to certified international norms as a territory of Moldova, the representatives of MAI management and Prosecutor General Office of Moldova, have chosen the heap show way.

"Gorbuntsov is wanted by Interpol, he is in the red nook. This means that at any time, in any country of the world, he must be arrested. Not interrogate him, not get him under control, but to arrest him. As if to say, they went to take depositions from the one who is internationally wanted," Usatîi said, mentioning that on the name of banker Gorbuntsov are opened several criminal cases. 

We specify, however, that the former president of Universalbank, German Gorbuntsov, has turned himself in on March 21, 2014 at the Metropolitan Police Service Extradition Unit (Scotland Yard). Afterwards, he was arrested, based on three warrants. After his collaboration with Scotland Yard's investigation he was removed from the list of persons under international search, in which he was in 2012. About his collaboration with investigators tells Gorbuntsov himself in an interview with the blogger Veaceslav Balacci.

At the same time we remind you that Gorbuntsov omitted to say in the same interview, that he was suspected for several crimes between 2010 - 2011, i.e. blackmail, attempted of obstruction of justice, theft and attempted of murder. The banker says that when he left Moldova no criminal case was not opened on his name.

Until he fled in 2010 from Russia to Moldova, Gorbuntsov held at least eight banks in the Russian Federation, many of them being involved in money laundering and tax evasion.