The intermediary of Renato Usatîi was detained after he tried to get a false testimony from the killer Vitalie Proca in favour of the leader of "Our Party". More specifically, it is about Valeriu Malarciuc, who, in exchange of a huge amount of money, had to obtain from Proca a testimony through which the latter denies the fact that Usatai hired him to kill the businessman German Gorbuntsov and also accuses other persons.Meanwhile, the Moldovan prosecutors have not responded yet to our calls to officially confirm the detention of Valeriu Malarciuc.

The detention of Malarciuc (photo, on the left) was done this weekend by the Moldovan prosecutors altogether with the General Inspectorate of Police (IGP) collaborators. The man  The man had intermediated the obtaining of false testimonies from the criminal, Proca in order to save Renato Usatîi from the consequences of acusations against him in the file of assassination attempt of businessman German Gorbuntsov. The action took place in Romania, where Proca is detained, and the one, who did the operation, returned to Moldova to complete the action.

Our sources from the investigation say that Valeriu Malarciuc has admitted his guilt. Moreover, the investigators have interceptions of Proca's conversations, who is detained in a prison in Romania, on which he plotted the details and the amount of money he would receive for these testimonies. Prosecutors also have identified other persons that Renato Usatîi used to plan this setup.

We remind that about the "mission" of Malarciuc, also spoke Gorbuntsov in the recent interview for the blogger Veaceslav Balacci. In the interview, the businessman who is a refugee in London, sent a message to Renato Usatîi saying that this operation will not succeed, because he knows the name of the intermediary and the amount of money that would be paid. It seems that also Gorbuntsov is the one who alerted the authorities of several states interested in the case, about this operation.

We note that previous days on the Prosecutor General's Office site and the IPG one was published a press release about a visit of several investigators in London (Lilian Bacalîm - prosecutor in the organized crime department of PG, Valeriu Bodean - chief of the Organized Crime department and Petrușenco Ruslan - police colonel, chief department, Special causes DOS of IGP and Gheorghe Cavcaliuc - deputy chief of IGP).

Apparently, it seems to have been an official working visit, but our sources say that actually the Moldovan investigators attended the hearing of Gorbuntsov and exchanged information with British investigators on the case. Moreover, the information is confirmed by a photo published today by the blogger, Balacci.

The reason that Proca's false testimony staging was attempted seems to be based on the investigation's progression and respectively - the attempt of Renato Usatii to save himself. Moreover, for more than a month "Our Party" leader left the country and did not return yet.

We remind you that in spring of 2012, German Gorbuntsov was shot 7 times as he entered his flat in London. It was later determined that the culprit was Vitalie Proca - a killer, later convicted for another crime committed at command in Bucharest. Later, Gorbuntsov offered a first interview on this subject in which he said that his death was ordered by Renato Usatîi - who does what the other two businessmen from Russia tell him, former friends and business colleagues of Gorbuntsov. The last two, in turn, are under the protection of Russian Railways chief - a man close to Vladimir Putin.

After the revelations and accusations of Gorbunţov, Usatîi wrote a denunciation to the Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office by saying that in fact he had been the target of an assassination. Based on his denunciation was started a criminal dossier, and previous days, the deputy chief of the Prosecutor’s Office for the Combating of Organized Crime and Special Causes, Corneliu Bratunov, declared that "the only file in the investigation where appears Renato Usatîi is the one initiated by him, on other people initiated a long time ago where several stages of the investigation passed and the new elements are some details that incriminate inclusively the author of the testimony."

It should be also noted that, yesterday, Shortly after the publication of German Gorbuntsov's interview, the mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii, posted comments on his Facebook page: Again, before the election, Plahotniuc is using Gorbuntsov. We saw this in 2014 when, before withdrawing us from the election, he blamed me of all the bad things. This happens again, Plahotniuc's media-holding is preparing a new movie, where Cristi Tabara and Andrei Cojocaru will fool the whole country. We will see this "melodrama" together... Then I will be online and you will understand, however Plahotniuc will be charged according to the law. His fear that I will destroy their system, can be justified.

Meanwhile, the Moldovan prosecutors have not responded yet to our calls to officially confirm the detention of Valeriu Malarciuc.

We will come back with details...