UPDATE (21:19) Shortly after the publication of German Gorbuntsov's interview, the mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii, posted comments on his Facebook page: Again, before the election, Plahotniuc is using Gorbuntsov. We saw this in 2014 when, before withdrawing us from the election, he blamed me of all the bad things. This happens again, Plahotniuc's media-holding is preparing a new movie, where Cristi Tabara and Andrei Cojocaru will fool the whole country. We will see this "melodrama" together... Then I will be online and you will understand, however Plahotniuc will be charged according to the law. His fear that I will destroy their system, can be justified.

The leader of "Our Party", Renato Usatii and Veaceslav Platon, dubbed "No.1 Raider from CIS", are just some doers of their masters in Moscow that "want to buy a country to become honourable citizens". This is said by German Gorbuntsov, in an interview with the blogger Veaceslav Balacci. Coincidence or not, but this interview occurred after a group of prosecutors and Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) officers conducted a working visit to London, where Gorbuntsov is now.

In the interview of over 30 minutes, German Gorbuntsov, dubbed the "black banker" and former shareholder of Moldovan bank Universalbank, says that the "scheme of  Russian billions laundering is almost identical to that of Renato Usatîi becoming the majority shareholder in Universalbank" that belonged to Gorbuntsov. The interviewee makes similarities because both schemes were carried out bythe  banks of two members of the criminal group "Solntsevo" - Boris Usherovich and Valery Markelov, but also the President of JSC "Russian Railways" - Vladimir Yakunin, which would be a close friend of Putin's family. The first two are those who "actively participated" in the billions' scheme and even "invented it. The link between these two schemes is very simple, Renato is working for them [Boris Usherovich and Valery Markelov - Eds.]. He is just a doer. He is doing the work he is paid for, stealing, killing ... everything he can do."

Regarding the situation in Universalbank, Gorbuntsov said he met with the former Prime Minister, Vlad Filat, who had promised to help him, "however he did the opposite. Renato Usatii was always waving the ID papers stating that he is Vlad Filat's advisor. After the issue evolved to law court, Usatîi was helped by Platon, who is known in Russia." The banker also says in the interview that he has proposed to Usatîi to come to London and pass a lie detector test, and if what Gorbuntsov declares is not confirmed, then he will apologize publicly to Usatîi. However, the leader of "Our Party" did not accept the invitation.

Regarding the political career of Usatîi in Moldova, Gorbuntsov said that PN president "must be at the helm of country" in order to justify the money he received from "serious guys" [...] "They want to buy a small country to run and hide [Boris Usherovich and Valery Markelov - Eds.], [...] in order to become honourable citizens in a small country." Gorbuntsov added that the Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office (PG) is working with Scotland Yard - Metropolitan Police Service and Crown Prosecution Service of Great Britain in its case and that the law authorities of the two countries begin to identify common elements on these lines. However, Gorbuntsov declares that cooperates with law enforcement authorities of both countries.

In this context, Gorbuntsov says that Usatîi would have tried the other days to pay through an intermediary 600 thousand dollars to the family of Vitalie Proca, who had tried to assassinate Gobuntsov in London, so Proca could give false testimony where the mayor of Balti would not be included.

It should be noted that a group of Moldovan prosecutors from Prosecutor’s Office for the Combating of Organized Crime and Special Causes (Lilian Bacalîm - prosecutor in the organized crime department of PG, Valeriu Bodean - chief of the Organized Crime department and Petrușenco Ruslan - police colonel, chief department, Special causes DOS of IGP), altogether with the officers of the General Inspectorate of Police (IGP) (Gheorghe Cavcaliuc - deputy chief of IGP) of MAI paid a working visit to London. During this visit, Moldovan prosecutors had meetings with the representatives of the Scotland Yard - Metropolitan Police Service, Crown Prosecution Service, and of the National Crime Agency of Great Britain. The trip aimed at strengthening the bilateral relations between the law-enforcers from those two countries, and also touched on common cases of organized crime relating to both Moldova and Great Britain, in which citizens from both countries were involved.

The full interview you can view here.