Alleged armed forces in Transnistria are conducting military exercises for rejecting an attack on the Transnistrian border. Transnistrian armed forces were put on alert on Wednesday, October 12.

The soldiers were equipped and armed very quickly and transported their weapons and technics in an area previously indicated, where points to meet staff and technology were organized.

The new exercise will be conducted in three stages. One of the stages involves preparing the military units for battle. The chief of staff of Armed Forces, Serghei Gherasiutenko, executed control exercises.

At this stage of the exercises, Transnistrian soldiers used equipped weapons: AK-74 automatic rifles, grenades, and other weaponry. In particular, they have trained on the disassembly and assembly of the automatic rifles. In addition, Transnistrian soldiers followed a course of medical aid to the wounded ones: binding and transporting on a stretcher.

During the engineering exercises, military personnel done some landmine mockups and practiced vaulting the mined obstacles. The soldiers were also trained to climb up and down from an armored transport.

The exercises will continue for several days, during which the Transnistrian troops will perform a series of tasks for combat training.