The European option prevails in society towards accession to the Customs Union - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. According to the Intellect Group poll, if the citizens had to choose next Sunday between the European Union and Customs Union, 46 percent claim to be for EU and 36% - for Customs Union; 18 percent did not provide any answer.


As for citizen involvement in any campaigns that promote the pro-European option of Moldova: 49.5 % - said they will participate, 36.4 % - will NOT, and 14.2 did not provide an answer.

Another question in the poll was: Which of the following parties do you think best represents the European vector of Moldova?

According to the results, PDM gatheres 29,2 percent, PAS, 21,2 %, PPDA - 17,1 %, PPEM - 5,1 %, PL - 3,6 percent, PSRM - 2,0 %, PLDM - 1,0 %, PN - 0,9 %, PCRM - 0,4 %, other parties 0,3% and 19,2 % did not know what to answer.

In the case that next Sunday would take place a referendum, 54 percent of the respondents would vote for Moldova's accession to the European Union and 28% against. 

For the Customs Union - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan - 45 percent would vote, and 31 % - against it

For the Unification of Moldova with Romania would vote 19% and 56% - against it

For the accesion to NATO of Moldova would vote 12%, and 61% - against it

Editor's note: the other numbers that were not displayed are part of those who will not go to the referendum, undecided ones and those who did not answer those questions

The poll was conducted from September 29 to October 9, 2016 on a representative sample of 1847 people and has a margin of error of +/- 2.3 percent.