The public association “Honor, Dignity and Homeland” (ODIP) announced that it remains apolitical and supports none of the candidates for President in the current campaign. Members of the association said they support the approaches and actions of the unionists, aimed at propagating the ideal of the union of the two states, and thus call on the electors to vote for the unionists, no matter who these are.

ODIP head Vlad Biletski told a news conference at IPN that it would be incorrect for society to favor one of the candidates. The voters are those who should judge and analyze the promises and deeds of the electoral competitors.

"I call on the people to take part in the elections as the right to vote is a basic right, being in some of the states an obligation for showing one’s will, because others will decide instead of us if we do not decide," stated the young man. 

Vlad Biletski noted that ODIP is conducting in Chisinau an opinion poll that covers a sample of 5,000-6,000 people. The goal is to identify the percentage of those who are for the union. It will be thus possible to know the real situation as regards the union, not the informant provided by fixed polls.

The young members of ODIP also aim to stage activities to commemorate the late singers Doina and Ion Aldea Teodorovici.

"For 24 years we have been poorer because we lost two martyrs of the Romanian nation. The association ODIP takes this moment into account and, because presidential elections will be held on October 30, we will hold the commemoration event on October 28, simultaneously in 13 education institutions," stated ODIP secretary general Lucia Vieru.

The songs of the late singers will be played on this day during breaks in a number of lyceums and universities. Moments of silence will be observed also. The students will be informed about the life and work of Doina and Ion Aldea-Teodorovici.

"We consider it is extremely necessary to form and educate the patriotic spirit among students and teachers as well," added the young women.

Also, a 1 km long tricolor will be stretched on Stefan cel Mare Blvd, from the Parliament Building up to the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, on December 1. This year the tricolor will be the longest in the last few years. After the event, several tens of meters of the flag will be donated to universities, schools and kindergartens in Chisinau so that they raise the tricolor on the National Flag Day on April 27, 2017.