The prices for almost 160 types of prime necessity drugs will drop by nearly 40%, starting with October 12. The announcement was made by the Prime-Minister Pavel Filip, after the meeting with the leaders of pharmaceutical companies.

Filip added that actions of this kind will by extended in the future, today's decision being just the first phase in this sense.

„In March we approved an action plan in this sense. Some of these actions have been realized. I have always wanted the Government not to impose anything by force. Every problem can be solved when all players are participating in the market. I partnered with those from the pharmaceutical domain to identify solutions together. We have reached a common denominator. I'm glad to announce the fruits of this partnership. [...] You cannot get a discount by giving an indication from the Government, because businessmen are businessmen and each business must have profit, but then we have to discuss and see how we can work together," added the Prime-Minister.

We remind you that yesterday the Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments and additions to the Government Decision No. 348 of 2014 which aim to increase people's access to quality and affordable medicines. During this period it has already been established a simplified procedure for registration/re-registration for medicines in the European Economic Area or Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia. In these cases, the rates will be 25% smaller than the previous ones. The same thing happens in the case of medical devices. Prices for registration and re-registration of medical devices will be reduced with 25%.