Ilan Shor's advocates will use yesterday's decision of Central Electoral Commission to register him as a trustworthy person of the nominee to the function of President, Inna Popenco, to release their client from house arrest. The information was announced, through his lawyers, from the Mayor of Orhei himself on his Facebook account.

"I want to inform you that tomorrow my attorneys will file a request regarding my discharge from house arrest because yesterday CEC registered me as a trustworthy person of the Presidential candidate. According to the article 45 and 105 of the Electoral Code, Inna Popenco, who was the status of a electoral contender, is in a disadvantageous position in relation with others candidates, having organisational troubles. We hope that the meeting regarding the high-mentioned thing will take place as soon as possible," says Shor.  


We remind that yesterday Central Electoral Commission registered Ilan Shor as a trustworthy person of Inna Popenco, who runs for President of the Republic of Moldova from the Social-Political Movement "Ravnopravie", lead by Ilan Shor. 

According to the Electoral Code, the trustworthy person "helps the candidate at the development of electoral campaign, does electioneering for his election, represents his interests in relations with public authorities, voters and electoral bodies." In this sense, Shor's defense may request the release of Ilan Shor under house arrest to carry out the duties provided by law.

According to the Anti-corruption prosecutor, Viorel Morari, "CEC's adjudication of a request regarding a potential right in the electoral process is lawful, but in Shor's case, this right contradicts with court's decision, which was issued to ensure the smooth conduct of the investigation.andShor must stay in custody to avoid contact with witnesses and influencing people”.