UPDATE (4:29 PM) By this time, 28 customs employees were detained after the searches of the anti-corruption prosecutors and CNA. The operation continues.

UPDATE (1:45 PM) In the wake of these searches, 20 customs officers were placed in the National Anti-Corruption Center (CNA) Isolator for 72 hours. Among them is also the head of the Bender Customs Bureau. The white collar appears in the same criminal file for passive corruption due to which where conducted searches at the customs posts Palanca and Tudora.

UPDATE (10:44 AM) 15 customs officers were detained so far by the personnel of CNA and the anti-corruption prosecutors in a wide operation conducted in the morning at the border checkpoints Palanca and Tudora. The information is confirmed by the public relations officers of CNA.

UPDATE (09:40 AM) By this time eight customs officers are detained says the public relations officer of CNA - Angela Starinschi.

UPDATE (09:32 AM) The Customs Service was informed about the actions that the CNA and anti-corruption prosecutors have unfolded today, as well as the detention of several fellow worker of the institution, though comments regarding the today operative actions will be offered after its ending. The today action is based on operative information and materials provided by the Department of the Homeland of the Customs Service, is mentioned in a communique of the institution.

In point of the initiated investigation by the investigating authority, we abstain from any comments until the operation will be fully completed and we will have official statements from the investigators. The Customs Service has supported both the operation of the anti-corruption prosecutors, and also the actions preceding it.

We express our regret for extending the waiting time at the two border checkpoints caused by an objective situation. We strive to fluidize the crossing at the customs Tudora and Palanca in the shortest time. On these lines, we decided to bring additional staff from other shifts and, if it is necessary, we will bring staff from other subdivisions, says the Customs Service.

UPDATE (08:25 AM) Till now were detained 5 customs officers, but the action is ongoing. The searches are taking place in several homes and two customs. According to our sources it is possible that a large number of those customs officers present at the two border checkpoints are going to be detained today by the anti-corruption prosecutors.

The anti-corruption prosecutors and the CNA officers conducted domiciliary visits in two border checkpoints, Palanca and Tudora. Both customs are closed at this moment by the investigators and no one is allowed to cross the border.

At this point, the searches are done in that two customs and in the residences of several customs officers.

According to some sources among the investigators, several customs officers were detained, but is not known their number nor the investigation upon which is based the operation.

We will be back with details.