Another representative of the Russian Embassy in Chisinau was stopped by police showing signs of ebriety. It happened last night on the Bucuresti street in the capital, enounced for Deschide.MD the deputy head of IGP, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc. 

According to him, the patrol police "pulled him over" with the suspicion that he is drunk. Subsequently the employee was taken to the Central Police Station where he was issued a criminal case on the fact of refusal to give the breathalyser test.

"Then were notified the Embassy representatives who came to the scene and assisted their employee. We do not know yet whether he had the status of a diplomat or not", has completed Cavcaliuc. 

We remind that two weeks ago, another employee of the Russian Embassy, with the status of a diplomat, was filmed while doing gigs at the wheel of a car with diplomatic numbers. Witnesses who broadcasted the video said that he was drunk. Police from Dubasari noticed this case and they quoted the diplomat for hearings. In turn, the Russian Embassy strongly denied the information published in the media about their representative, claiming that the one who filmed were those who disturbed public order. Also, the Embassy said that the incident took place at a recreation center on the Dniester bank and the police interfered to calm everyone, this information being denied by police.

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