Those three magistrates that were supposed, today, to appear in front of the judges, in order to decide their preventive measure, were arrested for 30 days.

We remind you that, yesterday, other 12 magistrates and three judicial executors were arrested for a term of 30 days. Some of those 15 people who have come today in front of the judges did not wish to appear in the court, and the hearings took place without them.

Also yesterday, the chief of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, Viorel Morari, declared, for Deschide.MD, that the approaches of the prosecutors to apply imprisonement before trial on the names of those 15 magistrates and 3 judicial executors detained. In addition, on the names of the other two persons, is concluded the procedure of searching.

"In the case of one of them about whom we know that is still in the country, the staff of IGP is involved to identify the place where he is", added Morari.

That 15 judges and three judicial executors were detained two days ago, following extensive searches made by the anti-corruption prosecutors and officers of CNA. The domiciliary visits took place in the court files hinting acts of corruption referring to the laundering of those 20 billions of US dollars from the Russian Federation.

Previously, in the dossiers about the same fraud, a former deputy governor of NBM (Ema Tabarta), and two Department Chiefs from the National Bank of Moldova. At the same time, a Vice-president of "Moldindconbank", the chief accountant and the deputy chief accountant, and the chief of a bank branch were placed under arrest. 

The state accusers stated yesterday, in a press conference, that these dossiers were begun only now, because right now other persons, detained in the files referring to those 20 milliards of dollars laundering, started to talk, and the "puzzles" of the infringement of the law are becoming clearer.