Joint control at the border point Pervomaisc-Cuciurgan will not be included in the 5+2 format. As soon as the subject appears on the agenda of talks in the 5+2 format, Russia will use the veto and suspend any negotiations on this subject. This happens whenever on the negotiating table appears a subject with which Tiraspol does not agree.

The Tiraspol leader, Vadim Krasnoselsky, presented the question of joint control at the Moldovan-Ukrainian border crossing point Pervomaisc-Cuciurgan as the main topic of the meeting with Moldovan President Igor Dodon.

Krasnoselski has also said that he has a deal with Igor Dodon to send a letter on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, Austria owning the OSCE chairmanship, which would require convening of the meeting in the 5+2. Krasnoselsky expressed hope that at this meeting will be examine the question of establishment of Moldovan control at the border point Cuciurgan.

"We agreed to address the current president of the OSCE, Foreign Minister of Austria Sebastian Kurz with the proposal to convene a meeting in the 5+2 format in the near future. We hope to examine the issue of establishing the control of Moldovan customs post, police Cuciurgan" said Krasnoselsky. He added that he sees no need to establish such a control since works at the border EUBAM (European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine).

Asked by Derschide.MD, presidential adviser on issues of reintegration Vasily Sova said that the issue of joint control was discussed seriously at the meeting. However the counselor refused to say whether President Igor Dodon will request the inclusion of this issue in the 5+2 format, but he noted that in this format will be discussed issues related to the competence of the platform expressly negotiations.

"We got to an agreement that we will continue consultations on this issue at the level of expert groups. If you listened carefully to what the President said yesterday - this issue was discussed and it will be done everything possible to avoid negative economic consequences for the Transnistrian economic agents," said Vasily Sova.

The former deputy prime minister for Reintegration, Eugen Carpov, believes that if Igor Dodon will insist on including the issue of the Moldovan-Ukrainian joint control at the border point Cuciurgan in 5+2 format, this will be a step directed against national interests of Moldova. If this issue will reach the 5+2 format, Russia will use its veto right to stop negotiations on its implementation.

"Our relationship with Ukraine is strictly of bilateral character. If discussions on joint border control will be included in the 5 + 2 format, then automatically we will obtain right to veto from the Russian Federation that would stop any progress in this regard," said Eugen Carpov. The former official pointed out that the President is expected to consult with the Government, especially the Reintegration Office before going to this step.

Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration, George Balan declared for Deschide.MD that "joint control is a bilateral issue (Ukraine - Republic of Moldova) and not within the 5+2 format, respectively this topic will not be accepted on the agenda".

We mention that the so-called foreign minister of Transnistria, Vitali Ignatiev spoke that this joint control will cause damage of 38 million dollars a year for the Transnistrian economy.

Igor Dodon said after meeting with Vadim Kransnoselsky of 30 March that the working groups is to find a solution to avoid economic damage to agencies in the region after the implementation of joint control.