"President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon is campaigning by signing the decree that refers to initiate a referendum, and it is bad that he is campaigning on state money", this is the opinion of the speacker Andrian Candu. The Speaker hinted that Igor Dodon could remain without certain competences, noting that this might happen with the votes of 67 deputies.

At a press conference held by the President of Parliament, Andrian Candu said he is still examining the legal force of the decree signed by Dodon.

"As for the legality of the referendum, we'll still express on the signed decree. The legal force of the decree is still examining but also the questions that will be asked. A consultative referendum is not bad, but the law stipulates certain restrictions pertaining to topics that you can discuss in society and which are not. We need to examine additionally from the legal point of view," said Candu.

Furthermore, Candu added that pertaining to the opportunity to organize a referendum, he believes that it is a populist idea.

"President Dodon is campaigning and it is regrettable that Mr. Dodon is campaigning on state money because any referendum imposes costs about 50-60 million that we need to find, but we have another problems," said the Speacker. 

Candu added that President Dodon referred to the example of Germany on the number of MPs, thing that Candu does not consider appropriate to discussion it now. Also he has made an example of Germany, namely the limitation of powers for the president. 

"My personal opinion, if we're talking about Germany, let us take the example and pertaining to the powers of the President of Germany and to make changes in the Constitution, I am sure that it will be found 67 votes in Parliament, to make amendments to the Constitution, concerning the powers of the President. If he has so many rights to so many initiatives that are expensive and consume our time to comment every time, probably he has too many competences and rights. I would also underline, in Moldova were several cases when some heads of state raised the issue of competences and woke up deprived of their powers. Any conflict of the sort of competences would only damage Moldova and the country, because instead to set ourselves on the idea of solving people's problems, we bother about who has more and who has less competent actions. All those who are dreaming and have ideas need to come down to earth and go among the people, as Mr. Dodon said", mentioned Candu.

Asked by journalists whether lifting the immunity might influence and the Moldovan President, the speacker replied that if "we talk about reducing competences of the President of Moldova why not to talk about reducing the immunity of the President".

We remind you that Igor Dodon signed a decree to initiate a republican consultative referendum that should include four topics: 1. Do you support the repeal of the Billion Law?
-------------------------------2. Do you support granting to the President of Moldova additional rights of dissolution of Parliament and early elections?3. Do you support the reduction of the number of MPs from 101 to 71? 4. Do you support or not the study in educational institutions "History of Moldova"? According to Dodon, for most of citizens this referendum "is the last chance" and people will support it.