Igor Dodon wants to exclude the obligation to take the Baccalaureate for high school students. Thus, the presidential administration has presented today a draft law on amending the Education Code which will be submitted to the Parliament.

According to the president, the current education system "requires serious reform, a major overhaul, not a cosmetic one".

"It needs better staff training, not cameras to scare students. It requires investment in infrastructure, not school closures. It requires a reassessment of the entire curriculum for the training of children in a manner compatible with their psychology and in accordance with the requirements of present and future. It also requires the waiver of the baccalaureate or at least to change its shape. In my opinion, which I have set in previous years, from the high school students should be removed the overly difficult and stressful of the BAC's draconian pressure. People are different in abilities and inclinations, that is why high school graduation exams must take into account these realities," wrote Dodon on his Facebook page.

In this context the president comes with three proposals to reform the way in which students will graduate from high school:

Each student, without exception, to receive a certificate of completion of schooling after graduation, although he did not take the baccalaureate;

High school students who want to take the BAC, will submit a request to that effect to the school administration. Until now, they had to write request only those who refused to take the BAC. Now we propose the opposite - to write the request those who want to take the BAC;

In parallel with the ordinary BAC, universal, to exist the alternative of profile exams. Specifically, a high school student who wants to become an art student, shall not be forced to take the general BAC, but can choose other 2-3 subjects on which to pass an exam in high school profile and with the results from that exam to claim a place in institutions of higher profile.

According to Dodon in this way students will be more motivated and prepare for exams more thoroughly.