Prime Minister Pavel Filip leaves tomorrow at Piatra Neamt, where it will be held a bilateral meeting with the Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu. The prime minister will be accompanied by several ministers and deputy ministers.

According to a document obtained by Deschide.MD along with the premier at the bilateral meeting will go: the Minister of Regional Development and Construction, the Minister of Environment, of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Finance, of Justice and of Culture. The delegation also includes the Deputy Minister of Economy, of Defense and the Director of the Center to implement reforms.

A few days ago, the Government sent a press release announcing a joint meeting of the governments in Chisinau and Bucharest. Soon, the Executive speakers sent an amendment that said that only a part of ministers will accompany the Prime Minister at Piatra Neamt. 

Coincidence or not, but the joint meeting would take place around March 27, the day when we celebrate 99 years since the unification of Bessarabia with the Romanian Country.

See below the full list of the delegation that will go tomorrow at Piatra Neamt: