The draft amendment to the Constitution on canceling parliamentary immunity is back on the table of deputies. At today's meeting of the PD it was decided that the initiative would be included in the parliamentary agenda.

"The initiative on exclusion parliamentary immunity will be included in the parliamentary agenda this week. The PDM initiative received the Constitutional Court note and is part of the strategy to reform the political class," said Andrian Candu.

A second topic discussed today was the bill on changing the uninominal voting system.

The project was registered and was sent for expertise to the Venice Commission.

"PDM believes that the debate on the uninominal vote must be free, no person, party or group, should not claim to represent all citizens, that represents the entire civil society, diaspora or other category. In the past two years, were published several opinion polls and all showed very clear that most citizens are unhappy with the current electoral system and want it to be changed. How do we change it, how well we will do this, we want to establish in the public debates which occur," said Adrian Candu.

The haste generated however a blur that explained us the MP Sergiu Sarbu: the project was sent to the Venice Commission the same day it was filed. The question is why are held debates, if the project has already been submitted for expertise?

Sarbu explains:

"If we do not send now, we won't enclose with a response until the Commission meeting which will be held in June. They allso have some procedures that must be respected. For almost a month they set group members of expertise and other technical details. Meanwhile we organize the debates, and the changes that will be accepted on this project can be sent later. The project analysis by the experts of the Venice Commission begins later".

Andrian Candu showed confusion that some NGOs have announced their refusal to participate in debates on the uninominal vote topic.

"There is a group of NGOs that announced their refusal to participate in debates on the uninominal vote topic. Although this group represents only a segment of civil society, we believe that it was important that its arguments to be heard in public debate. The civil society, by its nature, it is an important voice of society, which should encourage public debates, not to boycott them, especially when the topic under discussion is one supported by 80 percent of the population. Therefore, we call on the civil society to remain outside of politics, not to take the agenda of the opposition nor of the power, to show fairness in the process, so that we can have a more objective and beneficial debate," said Andrian Candu.

PD deputy, Andrian Candu, also the Speaker of Parliament said that he knows when the Commission will come up with an answer. It can take three to six months. 

About parliamentary immunity we will remind you that such projects were registered over time by several factions, but such a project requires constitutional majority. Therefore the factions have never demonstrated sufficient political will to vote on such a project as long as it were signed by deputies from other factions. Last year "Leanca group of deputies" have submited a project which involved voluntary renunciation of parliamentary immunity, therefore would not be necessary the vote of the Constitutional majority.