The Action and Solidarity Party chairman, Maia Sandu, said that the draft law on "uninominal vote" is "frivolous and elicits smiles". Within the "Sfatul Tarii" show on 10TV channel, the PAS leader said that she would propose an international conference on this subject with the participation of foreign experts and the representatives of the European Parliament.

"The Government reserves the freedom to change the districts 3 months before the election. It will designate these constituencies as they will agree, even if generally says that it will work on the structure of the district, but there may be exceptions. Now here opens a door for them, for fraud. What it means to change the structure or the composition of the constituency with only 3 months before? Everyone will think that the constituency looks in one way, the Democratic Party will know that the district will look completely different, but will announce it only three months before the election, which is not serious," said Sandu.

The PAS leader has drawn attention to the manner of dismissal of deputies. According to her, the elected people will be subjected to pressure from the Democratic Party "that controls the courts - responsible institutions for the dismissal of deputies".

"This law is a tool for consolidating power in the hands of the Democratic Party, if we see what happened with the referendum initiative in Chisinau, which was stopped by the court at the invitation of Plahotniuc. Exactly as will happen in other cases. The law is very crooked, the intentions are very clear," said Sandu.

In turn, the Democrat MP, Sergiu Sirbu, wrote on his Facebook page that "Maia Sandu or the person who has read the draft to her has mistaken something or missed about 2 pages".

"In all states, regardless of the electoral system, where there is more than one constituency, the authorities underline the boundaries of the constituencies. This clarification is necessary simply because an election cycle after 4 or 5 years the electoral lists are disrupted. Precinct boundaries always updates on the eve of elections. Thus, in order to respect the principle of territorial demographic base and relative equality between each constituency, always it may be necessary to revise the boundaries of constituencies. But! Namely because it must not exist abuses from the authorities was established the deadline of 90 days before the elections. Why there are no risks? Because the nomination of candidates starts only 60 days before the election and other election procedures only within that period. Thus, when Maia Sandu will decide from which district she would like to become a deputy, elected directly by the people, the game rules will be clear, defined constituencies and with no right to be revised," wrote the MP.

In another train of thoughts, Sirbu reminded the PAS leader that the court does not revoke the deputies, but the citizens who elected him.

"The involvement of the court is confined to the registration of the initiative group on referendum to revoke that exists today in the organization of any local referendum! The authors did not bring anything new here. However, the court did not ever expose on the problem or opportunity, but only on compliance with legal procedures, namely to prevent the political abuse. The final decision will be made by the people if the MP is to stay or not!I apologize if Mrs Sandu will consider that I give her judicial lessons, that is not my goal, but to urge her to read all the project pages and to analyze them, in order not to be in a position to expose herself superficially. The debate is important for us and we want to have partners that are informed as good as possible for this debate, in order to come out with a really good project in these discussions," wrote the deputy.

-------------We remind you that yesterday the Parliament Speaker, Andrian Candu, introduced the bill on the transition to the uninominal system in parliamentary elections. The project will be submitted for expertise to the Venice Commission.

Thus, the document provides for the formation of 101 single-member constituencies. In each constituency shall be elected a deputy.