The draft law on the uninominal vote has been registered in the parliament, announced a few minutes ago the Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu. The project will be submitted for expertise to the Venice Commission.

The official said that the new amendments to the electoral system will not be adopted without the approval of the Commission. According to Candu, the bill introduces the uninominal voting system for Members of Parliament. It will be formed 101 single-member constituencies. In each constituency shall be elected a deputy.

For the diaspora will be organized, initially, the preliminary registration, to find out how many voters are, after which, depending on the results, will be formed single-member districts.

For Transnistria, they will be allocated according to the number of voters in the area, but it will not hold elections until the authorities will not ensure that the elections will be conducted fairly.

The candidates will need to register at least 1,000 signatures and to submit a set of documents, which, as important, also the record of integrity.

A deputy may be removed from office by local referendum, but not in the first and last year in office.

The winner of the election will be the person who gathered the most number of votes in the constituency.