The Socialists Party faction in the Chisinau Municipal Council announces any time soon the creation of the initiative group on referendum for the dismissal of general mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. If this time the court will not allow the deployment of the plebiscite, the Socialists say they will address to the ECHR.

"The city is choking with ignorance, irresponsibility and incompetence. The city is not comfortable absolutely for all age groups. The investors are fleeing this city, or do not come because of corruption and nepotism. After each winter the city looks like after an environmental catastrophe," said the leader of the PSRM Ion Ceban.

The socialist recalled the initiation of a referendum in 2016 on the dismissal of Dorin Chirtoaca, but it was rejected by the court. In this context Ceban announced that it has already prepared an appeal to the ECHR, but its examination can take time.

"We have prepared the application for the ECHR. It may be lodged at any time. The problem is that this will take time. Chisinau can not wait for a favorable decision of the ECHR. We will lose time and the state will lose money. We do not want this. In the shortest time we will convene an initiative group that will initiate a referendum. To pursue justice in this context and not to seek the political factor... This year Dorin Chirtoaca will be dismissed and later elections will be held in Chisinau for the citizens to choose the mayor they want," said Ceban.

We remind you that, last year, PSRM created an initiative group on the dismissal of the Mayor. The initiative was challenged in court by Chirtoaca who asked to suspend the Central Court's decision on registration of the initiative group. On September 8, 2016, Balti Court of Appeal declared as unfounded the first court decision. As a result, the referendum initiative was rejected.