"Someone is very dissatisfied with the improvement of relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation", said the President, Igor Dodon. Acording to the head of state, yesterday's Note, submitted by the Speaker, Andrian Candu, and the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip, is "unacceptable, unjustified and provocative". The opinion was expressed today during the meeting of Igor Dodon with the Russian Federation ambassador in Moldova, Farit Muhametshin.

"I invited the Russian Ambassador, Farit Muhametshin to discuss yesterday's incident in bilateral relations of Moldova and the Russian Federation. As president of the Republic of Moldova I categorically condemn the statements and the actions of the Moldovan Government and the leadership of the Parliament. I think that they are unacceptable, unjustified and provocative. Such actions have not occurred during the whole period of our bilateral relations. They are unacceptable in terms of diplomatic and international practice," wrote Dodon on his Facebook page.

The head of state said that during the discussions with the Russian ambassador both sides pointed out to the improvement of relations between the two countries.

"It is possible that yesterday's actions are in the interests of certain political leaders in Moldova, but also certain groups from Western and Eastern Europe, including Russia. Someone is very dissatisfied with the improvement of relations between Moldova and the Russian Federation," said Dodon.

The head of state expressed confidence that this incident will not affect the bilateral relations. At the same time, Dodon recalled his decision to visit the Russian Federation next week to attend a meeting with the businessmen from Russia.

We remind you that Chisinau has sent a Note to the Russian political leadership, through which are reported a series of abuses committed against the officials from the Government, intelligence services and ruling coalition parties in Moldova. The Note described how the Moldovan officials are stopped abusively at the entrance in the Russian Federation, questioned, searched, treated outrageously by the representatives of the Russian special services.

"Such behavior is both inadequate and unjustified", is announced in a statement of the Parliament.

The Russian Ambassador, Farid Muhametshin was announced that until this problem is solved, the Moldovan officials will be asked to refrain from traveling in the Russian Federation. All these abuses - the harassment of Moldovan officials at the entrance to the Russian Federation and placing them under international monitoring - have gained momentum once the Moldovan investigators advanced in the investigations of money laundering of 22 billion dollars, that came from Russia through Moldinconbank.