The PSRM faction demanded that Foreign Affairs Ministry to come forward with additional information regarding the protest note signed yesterday by the Speaker Andrian Candu and the Prime Minister Pavel Filip. The Socialists believe that the note was worded too harsh and that some additional border controls are not a cause to block the bilateral relationship with Russia. The PSRM proposal was supported by the Communists, but due to insufficient number of votes, MFA and MIA hearing will not take place today. The Speaker said that he is ready to provide details on the note which he signed, but he will do it in a closed session of the plenum.

After the Socialists called the MFA to report, Andrian Candu said that he should provide details, because he is the signatory of the note. Candu also said that in the plenary hall are people who have been harassed by the special services of Russia, and the PSRM fraction should at least show solidarity with these deputies.

Therefore, Candu said that he will come later with more details in a closed session because there are certain information related to the criminal investigations related to the "Laundromat" case.

On this subject intervened and the president of PCRM, Vladimir Voronin

"I am convinced that at first it should be investigated, then to discuss it, if not with the entire of Parliament, at least with CSS, and then to come out with this statement. You've mentioned only "the top of the iceberg." You, Mr. Candu must come into contact with Russian institutions and to find out what is under this "top of the iceberg", said Vladimir Voronin.

In response, Andrian Candu said that the subject was dug deeper, and that's why they resorted to this note.

The Liberal Democrats, through the voice of Tudor Deliu, said that those who signed the Note is assumed by him, but they do not think that it must be done confidentially out of this note.

We should accept the proposal of Mr. Candu. I admit that we should have good bilateral relations, but I will not allow anyone to treat us like big brother," said Deliu. 

The proposal for parliamentary hearings on this subject, for today, was put to the vote but only the PSRM and PCRM deputies voted pro.

We remind you that Chisinau has sent a Note to the Russian political leadership, through which are reported a series of abuses committed against the officials from the Government, intelligence services and ruling coalition parties in Moldova. The Note described how the Moldovan officials are stopped abusively at the entrance in the Russian Federation, questioned, searched, treated outrageously by the representatives of the Russian special services.

"Such behavior is both inadequate and unjustified", is announced in a statement of the Parliament.

The Russian Ambassador, Farid Muhametshin was announced that until this problem is solved, the Moldovan officials will be asked to refrain from traveling in the Russian Federation. All these abuses - the harassment of Moldovan officials at the entrance to the Russian Federation and placing them under international monitoring - have gained momentum once the Moldovan investigators advanced in the investigations of money laundering of 22 billion dollars, that came from Russia through Moldinconbank.