Igor Dodon announces that he will not sign the decree for promulgation of the bill on the transition to the uninominal system in parliamentary elections, even if the document will be supported by most MPs. The statement was made yesterday evening after decorated a number of women on the occasion of 8th March.

"I am categorically against the draft submitted or forwarded by the Democrats. Even if it is approved in Parliament by 51 MPs, I will not sign the decree of promulgation of this law. This is my categorical position and it will not change. The changes are needed regarding the electoral system, in particular to ensure the vote of diaspora. It is also necessary to allow Transnistria to participate in the vote, they are also citizens of Moldova, there are 250 thousand of them, let them to participate in the political life from Moldova and to be represented," said the president.

Dodon said that he discussed with the leadership of the Socialist Party who said that they also will oppose the initiative.

We remind you that Plahotniuc stated in a press briefing that the PD will initiate the uninominal vote in Parliament. That means people will vote each deputy that will be sit in the Moldovan Parliament. Moreover, the Democrats want the possibility that the voters could withdraw a deputy from office before the expiration of his mandate, if he will not meet the expectations of the people. The project will be sent to the Venice Commission for expertise.