While the right wing approves, the left one plays possum. In this way can be summed the reaction of Moldovan parties to the "Note" submitted by Chisinau to the political leadership of the Russian Federation on the abuses committed there against the Moldovan officials from the Parliament, Government, intelligence services and the political parties belonging to the Coalition Government.

Secretary General of the Liberal Party, Ion Apostol told Deschide.MD that although delayed this reaction is logical:

"It's a logical reaction to the actions of the Russian Federation regarding the holding of more Moldovan officials. This was said several times and the diplomatic authorities of the Russian Federation were informed, but things have not changed, in fact, on the contrary, have become even more dangerous. It is a reaction of dignity, although a bit delayed and showing that Moldova is a small country as a territory and population, but knows how to defend its interests even in the face of a great power like Russia."

On the other hand, the "Action and Solidarity" Party led by Maia Sandu believes that the Note is "a circus" made by the government and Igor Dodon. "We do not comment the circus made by the government and Dodon," declared for Deschide.MD, the head of the PAS Press Service, Cristina Bujorelu.

Deputy Speaker Valentina Palihovici (who is also deputy president of PLDM), said that the note has a rough spirit, however, justified by the humiliating treatment applied to our officials.

"I can confirm that there were several cases when colleagues from the Parliament were checked by the Russian authorities not in 5-10 minutes, but more than an hour. The Note submitted to the Russian Federation is in a tough spirit, but its tone is probably based on the fact that Adrian Candu and Pavel Filip have another information beside the holding at the passport control," said Palihovici

PCRM representatives contacted by Deschide.MD, refused to comment on this situation, saying that are "not aware" of the case.

Also, the deputy president of "Our Party," Nicolai Tipovici refused to comment on the situation stating that he would come back later with a reaction.