President Igor Dodon expressed a first reaction to the diplomatic war with Russia and announced by Candu and Filip. Igor Dodon said that he doesn't know what Moldovan officials were stopped at the border and that he will continue to go to Moscow.

"I do not know to what officials refers the note. In any case I do not think this is a reason to block the bilateral relationship. I will continue to go to Moscow and next week, on 16-18 march, I will go with a group of businessmen. There I plan to meet with someone from the leadership of the Russian Federation", the president stated, adding that more details will be given in a post on Facebook.

(UPDATE 15:06) 

We remind that Chisinau has sent a note to the political leadership of the Russian Federation, which highlights a series of abuses committed against officials of the Parliament, Government, intelligence services and ruling coalition parties in Moldova. The note described how Moldovan officials are stopped harshly at the border of the Russian Federation, questioned, searched, treated with humiliation by the representatives of the Russian special services. „Such a behavior is both inappropriate and unjustified”, is declared in a press release of the Parliament. Russian Ambassador Farid Mukhametshin was informed that until solving this problem, the Moldovan officials will be asked to abstain from traveling to the Russian Federation. All these abuses and harassment of the Moldovan officials at the border of the Russian Federation and putting them under international monitoring, have increased by the advancement of the Moldovan investigators in the case of 22 billion dollars laundering through Moldinconbank. The money came from the Russian Federation.