The former president of the Chisinau territorial organization of the "Platform Dignity and Truth" Party, Nicolae Garbu, today announced the formation of a new - political party "People's Will". Part of the same team are the former vice-president of CEC, Stefan Uratu, who gave multiple speeches at the rallies of the "DA" Platform.

Garbu promises to change people's lives for the better.

Other team members say that the new party will take into account the negative experiences of other political activities. They say that they will not fight with the rich, but will assist them if they will pay all the taxes to the state.

Stefan Uratu said that the new party will be built on "horizontal and vertical democracy" - a principle that has no other party in Moldova.

The party plans to participate in parliamentary elections in 2018. The leader of the working group said that he has sympathy with other parties that come with solutions to people's problems and that will make an invitation for more parties to come together on a common platform for discussions.

Nicolae Garbu stood at the foundation of PPDA, but on August 5th 2016 he announced that he is leaving the party led by Andrei Nastase. Garbu said then that it's because of Nastase, who would have had an "arrogant behavior".

Also, Garbu invoked then that Nastase organized protests last year together with the Socialist Igor Dodon and Renato Usatii.

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