Ex-Prime Minister of Romania Victor Ponta strongly recommends the government of Moldova not to repeat the mistakes of Romania as regards the replacement of the electoral system and the fight against corruption. Such statements were made in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel, IPN reports.

“The replacement of the electoral system will not solve the problem immediately. The country needs stability. The current government worked miracles and managed to obtain this stability. In a uninominal voting system, two important political forces are formed, one of which, with more MPs, will ensure stability. Currently, I see two important political forces – the PDM, which offers Moldova stability and a very clear direction to the European Union and Romania, on the one hand, and the pro-Russia oriented PSRM, on the other hand. If you have a uninominal system, I don’t know how the people in Moldova vote, but you will definitely have stability. I hope the Socialists will not win. I do not want to give advice, but I urge you not to repeat Romania’s mistakes. What happened in Romania to the uninominal system? Those who were at the top in college, remained at home, while those who finished second, third, fourth and fifth entered Parliament. It is the one placed first who should enter Parliament,” stated the former Premier.

Victor Ponta suggested not exaggerating with the cases started over corruption.

“I just want you to learn from Romania’s good practices and to avoid our mistakes. In Romania, they now discuss only about corruption-related cases, not yet about schools and roads,” he said.

The ex-Premier considers Moldova will not join the European Union soon and the Government in Chisinau should be more insistent towards that of Romania.

“Moldova will not integrate into the EU soon. Given the faced problems, the EU will not accept other members in the near future. You should build in the Republic of Moldova a society that would implement the European standards. You must be more insistent towards the Government in Bucharest. Romania should be Moldova’s main advocate in the relationship with the EU. The Republic of Moldova needs stability and economic development. Last year, I didn’t see the same interest in Bucharest in making our big companies invest in the Republic of Moldova,” stated Victor Ponta.

Source: IPN