The Socialist Party is against the passage of the uninominal system in parliamentary elections, although in its status is mentioned that the party advocates that 50% of MPs to be elected in uninominal constituencies.

According to the PSRM Program, the party stands for the reorganization of the Moldovan Parliament.

"The Socialist Party will start modifying, the electoral legislation. We advocate that 50% of MPs are elected in uninominal constituencies, also the threshold for access of the parties in Parliament to be reduced to 4%. In the Moldovan Parliament must be set permanent quotas for the representatives of Transnistria and Găgăguzia", it is mentioned in the PSRM rules.


We must emphasize that the of IDIS Viitorul the executive director, Igor Munteanu, said in an interview to Deschide.MD that PSRM could accept a deal with PD on a mixed electoral system.

"It is already noted that the reactions will not be easy ones at the change of the Electoral Code. Thus, if the voices of leadership PSRM said that they will not accept the uninominal voting system by no means, it might, in the following, PSRM to accept a deal, like the mixed electoral system, as negotiated and other topics and political positions in the first two months of Dodon's inauguration," said Igor Munteanu.

Remember that Plahotniuc said yesterday in a press briefing that the PD will initiate the uninominal vote in Parliament. That means that people will vote every deputy single that will sit in the Moldovan Parliament. Moreover, the Democrats want the possibility that the voters will withdraw from office a deputy before the expiry of its mandate, if this does not meet the expectations of the people. The project will be sent to the Venice Commission for expertise.

Both the president and PSRM criticized the initiative. According to Igor Dodon, "in perspective, we should come with some significant changes, even necessary, but without changing the foundation of the current electoral system."

Also yesterday in the media has been circulated the information about the fact that The platform DA who criticized Plahotniuc's initiative a year ago, during some protests, spoke about the need to move to the uninominal system. On 24 January 2016, in a meeting, they voted for an individual to choose and dismiss the MP in his constituency.

"Not only the President to be elected by the people, but also all the deputies to be elected in constituencies. If they get there and forget about the people to be dismissed and put others in their place. Who is it for?", said then Valeriu Pasha, supported by most of those present at the protest.

Likewise, PLDM lawmakers who have criticized the initiative of PDM leader forgot that the party program states the need to elect deputies in uninominal constituencies.

"The PLDM believes that Moldova needs a responsible political class, and the political class empowerment can be achieved by applying a mixed electoral system, which means that half of the deputies will be elected on party lists while half - on constituencies. This will provide a personalized direct link with voters - by uninominal vote and it will respect the principle of proportional representation (including minorities) - in the vote in the basics ", reads the document.