The leader of "Our Party", Renato Usatii, is disturbed by the uninominal vote, announced yesterday by Plahotniuc. He hopes that in this moment all the parties that have a real electorate will unite and come to protest, regardless of political vision.

According to the leader of "Our Party", Renato Usatii, on the political arena from Moldova remained only four parties: besides the party that he leads, Maia Sandu's PAS, the, PPDA, whose leader is Andrei Nastase, and of course PSRM . Together, the parties would have, at this moment, 90% of voters.

Usatii hopes that these parties will conduct a constructive dialogue regardless of political views, and will unite against "Plahotniuc regime".

"We need a participation at a roundtable with representatives not only of parties, but also with the civil society. At the moment we do not need geo-political criticism, now we just need criticism against Plahotniuc regime," said the mayor of Balti, Renato Usatii.

Usatii also said that "Our Party" will support any protest action. However, his statement is unclear whether they will be against the idea of the single vote in Parliament or, rather, against the one who proposed it

Also in Usatii's opinion, this is an opportunity to remove Plahotniuc from "helm of the state".

In this way, Usatii had a message for President, Igor Dodon: to be unshakable and not to "flirt" with Plahotniuc.

For now it is unclear if Renato Usatii will protest, since he is hiding in the Russian Federation, being in international wanted list in the case on the murder attempt of businessman Herman Gorbuntov.

We remind you that Plahotniuc stated in a press briefing that PD will initiate the uninominal vote in Parliament. That means people will be able to vote for each member individually, who will be in the Moldovan Parliament. Moreover, the Democrats want that the electorate to have the opportunity to withdraw a deputy from office before his term expires, if he will not meet the expectations of the people.

The project will be sent to the Venice Commission for expertise.