The PL leader, Mihai Ghimpu, announced that his party would not support the project proposed by the Democrat leader, Vlad Plahotniuc. According to Ghimpu, if the uninominal system will be introduced, the Parliament will be full of deputies as Ilan Shor.

Contacted by ProTV, the Liberal leader said that Moldova needs honest politicians, patriots, MPs - that do not steal billions.

"The Republic of Moldova and its citizens do not need uninominal constituencies, through which MPs we can have - so as Orhei has now a mayor who brought the greatest poverty, by stealing the billion. Moldova needs a future, and the future can be built only by professionals and honest people. But if to be fair and responsible, Moldova's salvation is not in uninominal constituencies, but in union with Romania. The citizens want salaries, pensions and those who stole good to sit in jail. All this operates in Romania ... the Circumscription that needs Moldovan citizens is Romania - it is a pure truth," he said.

Asked if he will support this project, Ghimpu gave a negative response.

"No, neither last time I did not attend nor vote this time we will not support. We must think about the people and the country, but not about districts, believing he is the salvation of the citizens. The citizens really believe that by voting the MP, he will be their MP. The deputy came, he  started stealing for four years and would not go another time. The parties always come to the citizens, that's it. The parties must have honest people and not thieves. Here we have to work, but not to change the constituencies. The world must be changed and, above all, the political class," said the PL leader.

Even if initially he said that the parliamentary majority will not gather the number of votes needed to adopt these amendments, subsequently Ghimpu hinted that PDM will be able to find the necessary votes.

"Even if you say no today, who knows what will be tomorrow. I understood that the Communists do not want. The Socialists said they would not. About others I can not say, they have not decided. However, we will discuss and we will take a decision that comes really to defend our interests," he said.

We remind you that Plahotniuc stated today in a press briefing that PD will initiate the uninominal vote in Parliament. That means people will vote each deputy party who will be in the Moldovan Parliament. Moreover, the possibility that voters the Democrats want withdraw from office deputy discharge ahead of the expiry of its mandate, if this does not not meet the expectations of the people. The project will be sent to the Venice Commission for expertise.